Create your own METAR/TAF Report

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Param Description Default
acode airport code e.g. EDRB if not set - error
width/height Map size w=850 h=600
auto_open [1/0] flag 1/0 autoopen bubble 1
metar [1/0] flag 1/0 Focus on METAR/TAF tab info 1
info [1/0] flag 1/0 Focus on airport info 0
router [1/0] show autorouter form 1
radius [km] searh radious for nearest airports (600 max) 100
reseller_id reseller id (ID on main site) empty
lang [en, de ...] Language after redirection to main app empty
redirect_url url for redirectiing after click on logo empty
trial_url url for redirectiing after click on free trial link empty

Generated code

Example 1 700x600 LFPN + client id and lang

All options is turned on. Link: